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How much potential profit you invest in HMG?

HMG provides passive profits by 1.8% per day (including capital gains / without return of capital). Within 1 week are calculated 5 days, Saturday and Sunday off. Contract 24-week / 120 days.

Passive profit is divided into two parts with details as follows, namely:

  • 90% of profits go to the Wallet Cash (to be disbursed to the bank account of the investor)
  • 10% of profits go to Redeem Wallet (used for shopping; product of HMG Group Company)

The amount of benefits certainly fits with your investment capital.

Examples of HMG investment profit forecast:


Each investor (member) will get an account with username and password created as desired investors. Development of investment can be monitored in each other’s accounts.

Withdrawal Withdrawal profit or once a WEEK.

Filing withdraw can only be done every day Friday by way of Click BUTTON WITHDRAW which has been available in the accounts of investors.

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY payouts to your bank account each company which is arranged by HMG.

MINIMAL withdrawal of profits or withdraw $ 10

Rate Register: $ 1 = Rp 17,000
Rate Withdraw: $ 1 = Rp 14,000

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